EuLakes Model

The EuLakes model represents a new integrated approach to investigate, map and compare vulnerability of big lakes.

The outputs of the projects are here collected, managed, shared and interpreted to be easily reachable and understood by lakes’ stakeholders and decision makers in a rapid and efficient way to support the environmentally educated decision making.

The outputs are explained for their importance and use to the lakes’s stakeholders, and a specifically built geographical interface allows the viewer to easily localize the data concerning his/her specific area of interest.

The Lakes

Garda, Balaton, Neusiedl and Charzykowskie lakes have different geographical and morphological features, different trophic status and human exploitation. However, the four lakes have primary socio-economic importance within their respective regions, due to the multiple use of their waters (i.e. irrigation, drinking, tourism, etc.) and surrounding areas.

For this reason they were considered for the EULAKES project, in order to assess the role of climate change on lakes ecosystems and evaluate the various threats menacing the future use of these important freshwater resources.


Garda Neusiedl Balaton Charzykowskie